Capitol Area East End Project (Excerpt)

tile muralA beloved nonsensical children's song, "Knick, Knack, Paddywack," inspired this delightful group of seven ceramic tile murals. Installed under windows along a horizontal strip to two walls bordering the Childcare Center playground, the art is a fanciful parade of images that enlivens the space and appeals to youthful imaginations. Adan has created a whimsical pictorial narrative, designed in high contrast and mural detail insetenacted by black charaters on a white background. Silhouettes of animals, fish and birds cavort in an animated landscape of free-floating numbers, letters and stylized natural forms, encouraging children to make connections and invent stories as they encounter an unusual cast of characters around the edges of their playground. (Catalog text: Suzanne Muchnic / Art Consultant: Tamara Thomas).